(“The prime port”) thinks privacy is important. It commits to protecting your personal data. The Privacy Policy below describes how we collect, use, and share information. We do this through our websites, apps, and online services. These are the “Services” that you use. Under our Services’ terms, you confirm that you understand. You also agree to the collection, use, and sharing of information. This is as stated in this Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

We and our partners track the information from your device or browser. We do this when you use these services. We collect the data of the sort. We refer to it as “Usage Data”. It contains your general location and IP address. It also has the type of browser. It also has other interactions with our content. It also has interactions with our advertising. So, we do not only count our users’ interactions. We also use this data to show ads.

Cookies/Tracking Technologies

We use tracking technologies. These include cookies. They also include local storage and pixel tags. They help us know how you use our Services. The latter get information of how you use our services. Cookies and local storage are simple files. They tell browsers who you are and what features you get. Pixel tags will feature graphic elemets to track our use of Services and gather Usage Data. You can manage or delete the cookies in your browser’s settings. 

Information You Provide to submit 

You may need to give personal data when you register for our Services or use interactive areas. This data may include your full names, emails, and demographics. We do it to fulfill your requests. We also do it to improve our services and for communication. If you get onto the job list, we collect data about your employment history and other matters.

Information We Receive From Other Sources

We also use data from public sources and third party organizations. We use it to patent our content and services. This might be in advertisements and account statistics. It includes transaction details and so on. These details may come from data gathered from other users. We include this Privacy Policy when receiving the information from anywhere else.

Information Use

We use the data we collect: Personal Data and Usage Data. We use it to make you work well with our Services. We use it to offer customer service and pay transactions. We also use it to send you important and executive information, and make content for you. We also use it to upgrade our Services. Also, we would like your information for internal business purposes. This includes analyzing usage and controlling promotions.


We, the Prime Team, take information privacy and secureness . It is our aim to protect and then use your data in a responsible way. As a client of our Service, you allow us to gather, process, and transfer data. This is in line with the privacy terms in this Privacy Policy. We make efforts to protect customers’ personal data. The company explains the Privacy Policy. This will answer all the questions that customers have about the Privacy Policy. It will also address their concerns.